54th. Virginia Infantry
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After only a few days of recruiting the 54th was mustered into the service of the Commonwealth of Virginia on September 10, 1861. By October 10,1861, the regiment completed its organization with ten companies, and began active service. The regiment was originally staffed with 815 men, which comprised 45% of the 1828 men who passed through its ranks. Of this total, however, 354 men are only mentioned on postwar rosters. Considering the paucity of regimental records, it is entirely plausible that all 354 served in some role at some point in the regiment's history. Of the men only found on postwar rosters, 34 have no company mentioned, and it is doubtful that all served, though they are included in the roster found at the end of this volume. On May 13, 1862 the regiment was reorganized and mustered in the "regular" Confederate Army.

NOTICE: This site is new and information is coming in slowly. I would like to do with this site as I have done with my other sites, that is to add biographies of the men who served in the 54th. I need your help out there in cyber-space. If you had an ancestor who served in the 54th. and would like to honor them by having them posted on my bio page just send me an e-mail with the information and I will post it. Photos are not required but do add a nice touch. You can contact me at stumpjr44@yahoo.com Thank you for considering this request.

Field and Staff of the 54th.
Only one muster still exists for the Field and Staff of the regiment. It covers the period July 9, 1863 through January 1, 1864, and was dated December 31, 1863 when the regiment was stationed at Dalton, Georgia.

Robert Craig Trigg. Colonel
William Shelor, Lieutenant Colonel
Austin Harman, Major
James Craig Taylor, Major
John Jason (or Jesse) Wade, Lieutenant Colonel
John Scott Deyerle, Major
John Dabney Stuart, Surgeon
David Wade. Surgeon
C. L. Garnett, Assistant Surgeon
Edward 1-1. Barnett, AQM
Thomas J. Chariton, AQM
James W. Shields, AQM
Lindsay Hughes Blanton, Chaplain
W. R. Staples, Adjutant
Robert Hammet, Adjutant
James M. Wade, Adjutant
Keny C. Wade, Adjutant
William C. Hagan, ACS
James Luke Tompkins, Sergeant Major
Richard Alley,
Englishm who was promoted from color Bearer of Company A for gallantry.


Battle Flag of the 54th.


The War of the Rebellion:
A Compilation of the
Official Records of the
Union and Confederate Armies


A late 1880s-early 1900s reunion/UCV flag for the 54th.
Courtesy of
Brad Crisler
Thank You Brad!

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